What 2010’s Blizzard Taught Us About Social Media

Twitter to the Rescue

Dirty diapers aren’t near the top of the list of what most Mayors worry about. But Newark Mayor Cory Booker helped his constituents get the help they needed to make it through the Christmas weekend blizzard one tweet at a time.  Whether it was by calling out emergency services or by delivering diapers, the mayor was visible and on the job. What was important about Mayor Booker’s use of Twitter is that he used social media to connect with those in need, not just to make them feel better but to deliver real world assistance precisely where it was most essential.

Another good example of Twitter to the rescue is when was when Leigh Fazzina crashed her bicycle and was seriously injured in a remote wooded area without cell phone reception. She then Tweeted for help and potentially saved her life.

For marketers and businesses, the lesson is that social media isn’t a dress rehearsal. Social media is real life lived in real time by real people. As Mayor Cory Booker observed, “Here is to the lesson of Snowflakes: Individually beautiful yet fragile. But look how strong they are when they all stick together!” The same is true of us as we participate on social media platforms.

What do you think of the social media lessons of 2010’s blizzard? Please add your views in the comment section below.

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Big tip of my hat to Mayor Cory Booker for showing us all how to lead.

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