2 Responses to Can You Create Content To Attract Maximum Viral Social Shares?

  1. A great article indeed! And the crux is, shareworthy content never comes free; you need to invest parallel effort to see the results!

  2. Another great post Heidi! – Thanks for compiling these insights – Lots of great info here.. For me, the biggest one I struggle with is the idea of crafting headlines that have 40-60 characters based on the TrackHaven study. As of late, I’ve noticed sites like BuzzFeed and Upworthy completely throwing this philosophy out the window and still achieving great success.

    For example, take this BuzzFeed article titled: “This Video Of A Blind Mother Seeing Her Newborn Son For The First Time Will Warm Your Heart” — It’s 90 characters long but it generated more than 109k shares on Facebook. For me, outside of the best practices comes the insight and importance of focusing on emotion. To your point about the Mom factor. It’s important that the content stirs up emotion and is aligned with the audiences interest.

    If you can’t hit an emotional chord with your audience – It’s less likely that your content will go viral. It doesn’t matter if your title has 20 characters or 90; without emotion – virality is unlikely.. All in all – great read Heidi, there are lots of great nuggets here!