5 Video Marketing Tricks To Increase Your Results 

Video Content Converts

5 Video Marketing TricksSkip the selfies–Videos rocked Content Marketing World 2014. It seemed like everyone was creating some piece of video.

As a form of visual content, video has been white hot for a while. In case you missed the email, both Instagram and Twitter (aka Vine) rolled out short form videos last year. (In fact, I called short form video the new black of content marketing!)

The fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google underscores this point. (Yes I know that YouTube is owned by Google.)

Video is a visceral form of information. Video’s action attracts and keeps our attention, especially when it involves big, brightly colored objects. Therefore, it’s no surprise that children can spend hours in front of a screen watching the same video again and again and again.

Videos are so attention getting that Google has largely removed them from their SERPs (aka search engine results pages) since they take focus away from paid search.

Why video marketing works

Video marketing is a highly effective content format for these 3 reasons. Video Marketing

  1. Video engages your audience. Unlike other forms of content, video entices viewers to interact with the content and device.
  2. Video educates your audience. Video is useful for explaining difficult concepts. It’s the fulfillment of the phrase, show don’t tell.
  3. Video entertains your audience. Video amuses viewers. It’s an activity we turn to keep boredom at bay.

Videos support branding and direct marketing

Before you rush to fill your editorial calendar, understand that not all video marketing is created equal.

For branding, Dynamic Logic 3Q2006 video research found the most-noticed ads were intrinsically linked to the brand, used online interactivity, and were synergistic with offline marketing.

Further, video ads yielded higher ad interaction, longer ad viewing, and more click-throughs (CTRs). Additionally, context matters since 90% of the ads tested were on-page, not in-stream. Video ads stand out!!!

How video marketing yield results

YouTube trumps other social media networks for results according to AOL’s Convertro research. It examined the customer purchase journey to determine where different social media platforms had the greatest impact for marketers.

They checked the first, middle, last and only touch points. A quick view of the chart highlights the challenge marketers have measuring social media ROI. It tends to be a middle touch point that has limited attribution.

While the research mingled organic and paid results, video-based YouTube was a clear winner over the other social media platforms across the critical first, last and only touch points.

  • 14% of YouTube exposures were the only purchase touch point.
  • 18% of YouTube exposures were the first touch point.
  • 14% of YouTube exposures were the last touch point.

Social Media Conversion

Where to place your video

While marketers find YouTube enticing because Google absorbs the bandwidth expense, more than YouTube is needed for placement to generate the maximum video ROI.

North American marketers use a combination of owned and third party platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to yield optimal results according to July 2014 research by Demand Metric and Ascend2Video Marketing

Roughly three out of five marketers believe that it’s critical to have a brand-controlled video-sharing channel. Part of the strength of these owned platforms is the ability to gather information about video’s contribution to lead generation and sales.

5 Video marketing tricks to increase your results

Imagine yourself as your favorite movie director and just let your smartphone record the action. 5 Video Marketing Tricks

  1. Create video infomercials. Take a page straight from the direct marketing handbook. Explain your product and show your audience how to use it. Even better get a “star” involved.  Not sure what to do? Watch some late, late night television. Informercials are custom made to drive sales.
  2. Get the people talking.  As Joan Rivers would say, “Can we talk?” Need a role model? Watch more late night television. Especially the late night shows to see what works and what doesn’t. Then apply it to your target audience. This means find the equivalent stars and spokespeople your audience seeks.
  3. Be the man in the street reporter.  Extend live events with video. This can be yours or other people’s. Make your audience feel like they were there. You can just post outtakes or tape entire sessions. Make sure that you get releases before you do the taping and posting.
  4. Put your product center stage. Give your potential buyers an up close and personal view of your products. A 360° view is a critical factor for real estate agents. But don’t underestimate the importance for other product categories such as clothes.
  5. Ask your customers to give their opinion.  Shoppers seek product reviews. So give them what they want. Even better get other customers to show them how to use the products with videos. Position yourself as a tastemaker and review the products yourself. This works well for consultants who work with a variety of products.

The bottom line is that your current audience craves your video marketing content.

Don’t wait. Get out there and create it using these 5 video marketing tricks.

What has your experience been with video marketing?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen



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5 Responses to 5 Video Marketing Tricks To Increase Your Results 

  1. Vidioh says:

    Great piece. Video is certainly an incredibly effective and engaging medium for communicating a message! Video brochures though, are becoming increasingly popular as a way to communicate messages. They combine the power of video with the precision of direct mail and are a great way of delivering a targeted message.

  2. rikimilton says:

    Video is a visceral form of information. Video’s action attracts and keeps our attention, especially when it involves big, brightly colored objects. its very good marketing tricks. thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Heidi. Video marketing is certainly something that I think more people need to be getting involved in, including myself. I love the suggestions that you have made here and I think they are going to help me get started. Thank You

  4. I have been planning for too long to start a video marketing campaign. I will start with Youtube since they already have a per-existing audience. As they say, go where the audience is.

    Heidi, you have motivated me to take video marketing more seriously. 14% of YouTube exposures were the only purchase touch point? Wow seriously? We can imagine how well video marketing will perform when no purchase is involved; meaning when we will use it for lead gen.

    One of the most obvious mistake people do with videos is that they do not brand them with their LOGO. It’s such a waste. Why wouldn’t you brand your videos? It’s also absolutely necessary to have a call to action inside the video. Eg: The spokesperson can ask the viewers to LIKE the video on Youtube. If they don’t ask, nobody will act. You need to ask in order to get what you want.

    Thank you Heidi,once again for such a wonderful article. Can’t wait for your next one.

  5. Nicely done. Video has the highest engagement level so it’s no surprise businesses from small blogs to guys like Pepsi are heavily investing in video marketing. Also I would suggest not to be afraid to SEO your YouTube video. Since it is a Google web property many marketers are having success by focusing on ranking their YouTube video for targeted keywords instead of their main website.