Unplug to Increase Productivity

7 Tips to Recharge

In today’s wired world, everyone’s either plugged into a device or watching a screen a good proportion of the day. Americans spend over 10 hours a day consuming content according to Ipsos Research. We continually push ourselves to increase our productivity and expand our multi-tasking. We’re so connected that we sometimes forget that we’re human. Unplugging from our computers and other devices gives us a break and enables us to re-charge our batteries.

  1. Change environments. Get out of your office. The goal is to get a different perspective on life. Take a break from the pressing issues in your office to get enough space to see clearly again.
  2. Connect with people face-to-face. Be with people in real time, in real life. In particular, spend time with family and friends. Remember life is short. Take advantage of the special love of those close you. If they don’t live close by, at least take some time and talk on the phone.
  3. Smell the flowers. Get outside and appreciate the world around you. If you live in a city, take a walk through a park where there are trees and nature. Take in the sounds of the world. Listen to the children playing or watch birds.
  4. Enjoy me-time. Take a break from your computer and daily routines to do something you find fun. It can be a spa day, a movie or just lunch with the girls.  I have a group of friends that gets together every Saturday to knit and gossip.
  5. Don’t be a computer couch potato. Get out and exercise. Do something active, whether it’s going to the gym or playing with your kids. Move your body. It’s great for your health and clears your mind for creative thinking.
  6. Catch up on sleep. Take a catnap in the middle of the afternoon or sleep in. Feel the luxury of not being pressed to be somewhere at a specific time. Give your body the rest it needs.
  7. Take care of personal errands. Do all of those small tasks that need to get done whether it’s picking up the dry cleaning or getting cash. Take time and do them all at once. Getting them off of your To Do list will give you a sense of accomplishment and free brain space for more creative pursuits.

Regardless of what name you attach to it, we all need time away from the gadgets in our lives. We have to recharge our batteries and connect with the people who are important to us. Getting out of our routine and regular environment reminds us that we’re human and need other people in our lives. While we’re away from the office and disconnected, our minds continue to work solving the problems that seem insurmountable from behind our computer screens.

What suggestions do you have for unplugging? Please add them in the comment section below.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Photo credit: Functoruser via Flickr

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