The Top 10 Reasons You Need Content Curation In The Content Marketing Mix

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Content Curation in The Content Marketing MixContent curation isn’t new. It’s been around for thousands of years. It applies to all types of media and content.

Marketers are continually challenged to create content to achieve their business objectives and to supplement the eroded effectiveness of advertising. But original, quality content by itself isn’t sufficient to meet marketing needs.

The top B2B content marketing challenges according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs research, are lack of time, producing enough content, producing content that engages, lack of budget, and producing a variety of content. This is what makes content curation important for marketers now!!! Top 10 Reasons You Need  Content Curation

In fact, content curation accounts for 25% of the content mix based on Curata research.

The Top 10 reasons you need content curation in your content marketing mix

Here are the Top 10 reasons you need content curation as an integral part of your content marketing mix. Top 10 Reasons You Need Content Curation in The Content Marketing Mix

1. Content curation provides a variety of perspectives.

Offering diverse points of view enhances your credibility. This is particularly important on social media platforms where participants get annoyed with businesses that just shout me, me, me. Curation enables you to cull the best of the available content. This builds trust and enhances your value to your target audience.

2. Content curation expands your content offering.

Face it—quality content requires lots of resources. Done well, curation fills the gaps in your content offering where you could use more depth of information or specific expertise that you and your team lack.

3. Content curation positions you as a thought leader in your niche.

By selecting the best of the information available in your category, you become a tastemaker. As a by-product of your curated content, you provide value for your target audience with your enhanced editorial saving them time and building trust.

4. Content curation extends your reach by leveraging other people’s audiences.

By incorporating other people’s content into your offering (using the proper attribution and following creative commons licenses,) you can attract people who follow the original content sources. Additionally, content curation makes your content more attractive since it’s diversified.

5. Content curation connects you with thought leaders, experts and other websites.

Being an arbiter of top information in your target area makes you someone with whom others want to associate. This in turn can provide you access to the authorities in your field as well as to other media entities.

6. Content curation saves marketing resources over original content creation.

Saving doesn’t mean free. But budget is the 4th highest B2B marketing pain point. While content curation can provide less costly information, it still requires support for editorial, technological, creative and distribution support.

7. Content curation diversifies your content distribution via social media.

Social media interactions by their nature require a mix of different content types and formats. Incorporating other people’s content via curation gives you another way to expand your social media sharing while still linking back to your home base.

8. Content curation offers more content for your audience to share on social media.

By broadening your information offering, you present your key target market additional entryways to your core content and products.

9. Content curation supports your search objectives with long tail content.

Of course, you need to re-write the title and use other images so that the page doesn’t look like duplicate content.

10. Content curation builds your brand.

Like any content impression, curated content enhances your branding especially if it’s tailored to your 360° brand. Branding should be an integral part of your content curation to ensure that you broaden your reach.


Content curation success doesn’t happen by itself. It requires strong editorial, creative, technological and distribution skills to establish your thought leadership and set your content apart from the pack.

Is content curation part of your marketing mix? If so, why did you add it and how has it performed?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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6 Responses to The Top 10 Reasons You Need Content Curation In The Content Marketing Mix

  1. Michael Gerard says:

    Very thorough post Heidi, as usual. And thanks for the call-out re: Curata’s content marketing mix research. What was most interesting about our survey of 500+ content marketers was the shift in mix strategy: Many companies are either reducing their amount of created content to better use curated content, for all the reasons that you details above; or they are moving from a pure aggregated/curated content strategy to a more balanced mix of created and curated content. Ultimately, the target mix is 65% created and 25% curated content.( )

    Some real world examples of small and large companies complementing created content with curation: 360Chestnut curates within their blog ; Verne Global’s destination site ; and IBM’s Big Data & Analytics hub

  2. Andy Detweiler says:

    Hi Heidi,

    I know you have been a proponent of curation for quite some time. Do you feel like there is starting to be a shift in terms of how brands view curation? Perhaps more importantly, do you feel as though we are moving towards more universally agreed upon definition as to what curation really is. For some time (and understandably so in a lot of ways), it seems like curation has been a dirty word in a lot of marketing circles.

  3. Heidi you have highlighted the 10 well researched benefits of Content curation thanks

  4. StefanSandin says:

    Using content curation is as you say, a great way to fill in the “gaps” in your own content creation. You just have to be clear about the origin so there won’t be any questions about it being authentic or not. You have set up some nice reasons to why people should curate.

    • Kevin Lyle says:

      After years of continually trying to fill my blogs with good content which has either cost me a fortune or a huge amount of time there are many automated forms of content creation. So is this the right way into creating this kind of content on an automated system?

  5. Mark Evans says:

    I think content curation is going to be more enthusiastically embraced as brands realize there is value in providing content from other places. You should check out, which lets brands create destinations using their own content, curated content and social content.