Thanksgiving Love

This Thanksgiving, as we gather round the table, I am thankful for my family, in particular my husband, my parents, my sister, my nephews, my in-law siblings and my close friends and how the past year has strengthened our relationships with each other. In my professional life, I’m grateful for my colleagues, students, readers and social media connections. Yet most of all, I am thankful for my brother who presence is most strongly felt in his absence. While I miss him, I rejoice in the happy times we had.

Just as we reflect on how bountiful the relationships in our life make us, we must infuse our marketing with this same respect for our prospects, customers, fans and the public. In our hyper-connected social media world where our business goals push us to strive harder, we need to take a break every so often to remember that we’re dealing with real people with real emotions. In our rush to create the best marketing copy, emailing or blog post, let’s remember that there’s a real person on the other end of our communication and treat them appropriately. This way we can build more meaningful relationships with our customers that, like our families and those gathered with us this Thanksgiving, stand by us and give us love in return. Looked at in this way, we must also consider the former customers who no longer engage with us. Maybe these relationships can provide insights that will help us to mend the ones that we’ve lost and expand the ones we have.

Wishing you, your family and those close to you a happy, healthy and safe thanksgiving,

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Photo credit:  Steve Voght via Flickr

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