15 Ways to Drive Shoppers With Social Media [Examples]

social media sells

Social media sells? Many marketers focus their social media efforts on building brand and attracting new prospects since they can’t figure out how to make the connection to sales. The bottom line is that social media can drive sales for your product. Not sure how to use social media to drive sales? Here are fifteen social media tactics with examples you can adapt for your business.

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Why isn’t anyone coming to my blog?

If you build your blog, will they come? This is a question many prospective bloggers ask themselves. Here’s a list of eight factors with related questions to help you assess your blog for potential issues.

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5 Tips to Create Company or Group Blog

Corporate and group blogs face different challenges from individual ones. Often they exist solely as a promotional vehicle which translates to a lack on motivation. This column outlines 5 corporate blogging hurdles and 5 corporate blogging tips to help readers enhance their company’s blog. Please keep reading…

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