SXSW: 12 Things To Do If You’re Not In Austin (Some Social Media Included!)

If you’re thinking SXSW is where all the cool social media kids are except me, I don’t want to burst your bubble but the truth is you’re not alone.  Of course, many of those who aren’t at SXSW probably won’t tell you because they don’t want to publicize the fact they’re not part of the in-group. Instead of sitting in front of your Twitter client watching the tweets go by feeling left out, take advantage of this opportunity to do something special for yourself.

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How Social Media Builds Real Life Relationships

Don’t believe 140 character messages, conveyed via social media platforms, can build the basis for real life relationships? Then spend some time in the #UsGuys Twitter stream. You’ll be surprised to discover that #UsGuys isn’t a weak collection of self-promoters organized around a hashtag. It’s an expansive, accepting social media tribe where no special screening or requirements are needed to become a member. Here are seven aspects of social media with recommendations to help you create engagement that translates to real life relationships.

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Social Media’s Public Enemy Number One

Social media has a public enemy number one. Unlike the old time movies where the good guys wore white and the bad guys wore black, on social media platforms it’s not always clear. Further, there’s no ominous music to give you a clue that the bad guy just entered the ecosystem. Has your social media has been affected by public enemy number one? If you’re not sure, here are three telltale signs to check.

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Don’t Tweet This

Twitter is the quintessential social media vehicle. It allows one-to-many, one-to-one and many-to-many communications. That said, as a social media platform, Twitter is difficult. You can’t just jump in and figure it out by the seat of your pants. It requires learning the secret language, building your tribe, and being a committed participant. Whether you’re new to Twitter or have been active for a while, here are twelve tips to help you improve your interactions.

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What I Learned Running a Contest

As a marketer, it’s important to assess every marketing campaign to see how well it did against your goals.  To help my readers, here are 5 take-aways that I learned running the We ♥ Bloggers Contest in February.

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Klout: What’s Your Influence Report Card?

Like PeerIndex and Twitlyzer, Klout is one of the new online metrics sites that tries to provide an influence report card. With Klout as with any single metric, the challenge is that determining true influence requires measuring a variety of online and offline factors. To understand what it takes, 12 types of people with offline clout are examined and 12 ways to increase your offline clout are presented.

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21st Century Leadership: What I Learned On the Playground

When we think about twenty-first century business leadership, remember that we learned how to interact within an organization back in elementary school where there was an established hierarchy consisting of principal, teachers and students. As we get older and take on business roles, we often fall back on behaviors we learned as children. Leadership is one area where these prototypes are prominent and come to the fore. Here’s 13 personality types you met on the playground.

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Twitter: Corporate Communications Chameleon [Chart]

Twitter is a communications chameleon when used as a form of social media content marketing for corporate goals. It allows marketers to create content in 140 characters, to distribute their message in a variety of formats including Twitter advertising, and to engage in conversation through Twitter exchanges. The question is whether Twitter a podium or a network (Chart included). Part of #UsGuys UsBlogs round up.

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