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10 Social Media Conference Tips Every Business Needs to Grow

Conferences and other live events provide opportunities to extend your business’ social media reach. Conferences are an older version of social media without the technology. To ensure your entire team, not just the presenter, support your conference opportunity, here are ten actionable social media tips. (Here’s an 8 point conference checklist that’s a good starting point.)

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The ABCs of Twitter

Twitter is gaining traction as a social media communications platform. With 100 million monthly active users around the world who send over 5 billion tweets a month, prospects, newbies and participants must learn Twitter’s unique shorthand. To bring you up to speed, here are the ABCs of Twitter.

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Marketers Don’t Get the Value of Twitter Advertising

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There’s chatter in the media and blogsphere that Twitter advertising is expensive and doesn’t work. Now, a number of marketers are stepping up to the microphone to report mediocre results in terms of business performance with Twitter’s new advertising offering, geo-targeted Promoted Products (including tweets, accounts and trends) rolled out earlier this year. Here are six factors hindering Twitter advertising results and three suggestions to improve Twitter advertising effectiveness.

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Don’t Tweet This

Twitter is the quintessential social media vehicle. It allows one-to-many, one-to-one and many-to-many communications. That said, as a social media platform, Twitter is difficult. You can’t just jump in and figure it out by the seat of your pants. It requires learning the secret language, building your tribe, and being a committed participant. Whether you’re new to Twitter or have been active for a while, here are twelve tips to help you improve your interactions.

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Tweet My Conference

As with any form of social media, having Twitter at your business event is about your audience, both direct and indirect. Here are three reasons that encouraging tweets enhances the show experience and here are seven ways to invite Twitter to your event.

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Stephen Colbert Tweets, We Retweet

Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report was the first winner of the Golden Tweet Award which he received from Twitter founder, Biz Stone. Colbert had the most retweeted tweet on Twitter in 2010. Here are four elements that Colbert can teach marketers about Twitter.

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HOW TO Create Twitter Bait

Twitter Bait is the Twitter equivalent of link bait. The goal is to get followers to re-tweet your content on Twitter. Here are 5 tips for handling Twitter bait mechanics and 5 tactics to make your content highly desirable Twitter bait for your followers.

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