10 Ways to Make Your Blog Trustworthy

Do visitors find your blog trustworthy? Not sure. Trust is a critical attribute on social media platforms and blogs are no exception. To ensure your blog make the grade for consumers, here’s a ten point checklist and how to make your blog more credible.

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Social Media and Shopping: Where Consumers Gather Information [Chart]

Shopping is an inherently social activity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that consumers use social media when they’re evaluating products and making purchase decisions. Here are seven tips for retailers looking to expand their social media network interactions.

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How to Market When Trust Is Gone [Data]

Forget Mad Men marketing because customer trust is gone.  For marketers, change is sorely needed since only one in twenty consumers trust advertising. Here are seven places that customers now check for information.

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Consumer Trust-Do You Have It? [Data]

While social media gets credit for shifting the balance of power from marketers to consumers, the reality is that consumers have relied upon their trusted sources, namely family, friends and neighbors long before Facebook and the Internet ever existed. Social media just provides platforms that extend the reach of individual consumers to influence others, including strangers that they’ve never met in real life. In part, social media can do this because consumer trust is scarce. In today’s rush-to-profitability world, companies forget that they must engage with their prospects and customers.

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