Marketing During Uncertainty: What Strategies You Need to Make Your Business Succeed

Marketing During Uncertainty

Can you ensure your marketing during uncertainty like COVID-19 keeps your business going? And more importantly creates the basis for future growth? Use these 5 tactics and charts.

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The Catalyst – Book Interview

Want or need to change people’s minds? Then read this interview with Wharton Professor Jonah Berger about his book, The Catalyst.

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3 Reasons You Need Sustainable Content Marketing

3 Reasons You Need Sustainable Content Marketing

This sustainable content marketing definition, how-to & marketing tips keeps your content evergreen & competitive post-seismic content marketing shift.

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4Ps Of The Marketing Mix: The Best Guide To Show You How To Triumph

Use Four Ps of Marketing Mix, product, price, place & promotion, to create marketing strategy. Now add people, principle, process & performance for 4 Ps of Marketing Mix. Includes history & infographics.

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Flat Social Media Usage: What Your Business Must Do Now [Research]

Flat Social Media Usage Research

Is marketing ready for flat social media usage? Social media research shows the free lunch is over. Understand how social media marketing matured. Use these 10 social media marketing tactics to adapt your business to the new normal.

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Trust: Do We Believe Your Social Media & Content?

Do you have customer trust? Analysis of Edelman’s 2014 Trust Barometer research [Charts included]. Includes business & messaging tactics for social media & content marketing.

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10 Brand Tactics For Your 2014 Marketing Plans

Does your 2014 marketing plan support your brand & your business? 10 brand tactics based on Millward Brown Brand Z Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

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Content Marketing: How To Build Trust [Graphic]

When visitors find your content, are you doing all you can to make them feel special so they invest time consuming it? Understand that the majority of your content’s visitors are new and you’ve got seconds to convince them to stay and read your content, or even better to sign up for your emails. To this end, your content marketing must instill trust in your visitors.

Here are seven questions you must answer in order for your content marketing to build trust with prospects and customers. Together with strong design and compelling visuals, they set the basis for business interactions.  [Useful graphic included!] Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog