P2P Content: The Content Nobody Measures

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What is P2P Content? Here are 5 types of P2P content and channels where it’s distributed. Also, 5 tricks for marketers to leverage the power of P2P content.

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2014 Social Media Predictions

Want to know how to position your business in 2014? Here are twelve social media predictions to help drive your business.

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7 Ways to Wow Prospects on Social Media

Social media in the form of customer ratings and reviews are a critical element of every customer’s purchase process and play an important role in your social media success. Here are 3 elements that influence social media ratings & reviews & 7 marketing tips to improve ratings & reviews. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Social Media Checks Into Hotels

As experiential products, hotels provide both marketers and customers reasons to share information on a  wide range of social media platforms.  Before starting a social media marketing program, hoteliers should assess the 4Ps of hotel marketing as it relates to social media. In addition, this article provides 10 insights into how hotels can use social media. Please read on …

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