Blogging: I Got Hacked And So Can You

Is your blog or website safe from hackers? Don’t think my blog won’t get hacked. Here are 19 actionable security tips to keep your site safe from hackers.

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Small Business Branding: 8 Ways To Let Your Light Shine

Are you practicing Small Business Branding? Here are 8 branding tactics that don’t require a big budget to be effective and grow your business.

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10 Blogging Tactics To Maximize Long-Term Results

Say social media and photographs, status updates, comments and likes come to mind. Yet Facebook comments, LinkedIn updates and tweets only flicker briefly in followers’ streams. Not the stuff of which lasting impressions are made. For marketers seeking to build their brands, drive traffic, and generate leads and sales, this can be a challenge. Here are ten tactics to make your blog  yield benefits as the long tail of your social media marketing strategy. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.


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Images: How to Tell Your Brand Story [Examples]

Stories trump other forms of information making them important for your brand. Images take stories beyond plain text and words; they provide context for the listener and make memorable associations. As a result, one image can be more powerful than the associated words.

As a marketer, use the power of images to tell your brand’s story concisely to today’s content snacking consumer. Even more valuable to your brand are stories that get people talking. Here are five reasons images tell good brand stories and five tips to help you use images to tell you brand’s story. Includes 3 examples with graphics. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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12 Tips To Improve Blog Time Management

Blog Time Management - 12 tips

When it comes to blogging, time management is critical. To improve your blog time management, streamline your blog content creation and publication to increase effectiveness. Here are twelve blog time management tips to get your blogging on track for success. (Additionally, here are thirteen tips to help you find time to blog.)

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10 Power Blogging Tips Every Blogger Needs!

Powerful blog tips

Do you want to build an influential blog? Many bloggers mistakenly start off thinking their initial passion alone will drive their blog to the top of their category. The reality is most blogs require more than the blogger’s desire to propel them to a position where they attract attention and meet the blogger’s goals. Setting your blog on track to success requires resources and hard work. Here are ten power blogging tips to get you started from Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.


9 Surefire Facebook Marketing Tips

As social media’s 800 pound gorilla, marketers feel they must incorporate Facebook marketing into their overall plans, even if they’re not sure it will yield measurable results. To get your social media strategy on track, Facebook marketing expert, Amy Porterfield,  at BlogWorld Expo New York, shared nine secrets to attracting clients and profits on Facebook after its recent enhancements. The bottom line is Facebook is all about the engagemen. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.


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