Content Marketing: The Multi-screen Consumer

With the ever expanding dynamic media offering, consumers have become content omnivores accessing information in ways that improve their lives when and where they need it. As a result, marketers are playing catch up with consumers’ content needs and modes of usage.

Based on research by Edison Research and Arbitron, these fourteen data charts and related actionable content marketing tips should help keep your efforts aligned with your target audience

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5 Content Trends Every Marketer Needs In 2013

We live in a multi-screen world. We have screens designed for use everywhere from public transportation to the bathroom. These screens provide new ways for us to consume content all day long. Now one device can do everything multiple devices did.

The use of multiple screens and different devices has changed our content consumption habits. There are four main ways we consume content: focused use, dual input, info snacking and time shifted. This enables us to consume more information in less time.

Here are 5 content trends marketers need for 2013.

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Top 7 Marketing Trends of 2012 [Research / Charts]

In terms of marketing, 2012 was a year that showed that the more things change, the more they stay the same.The forces behind 2012’s top seven marketing trends were the same as those of 2011; the difference was that their impact increased. [Charts included] Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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5 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Effective [Charts]

For marketers, it’s critical to put your money where your customers are, when and where they’re looking for your products and related information. As media options evolve, marketers often debate how to allocate their advertising budget without looking at it in the context of their marketing needs. Here are five critical marketing and advertising factors influencing where you should put your marketing spend along with related research and analysis to help you determine how to distribute it.

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5 Ways to Extend Multi-Media Platform Marketing

Market Research Insights Did you know that Americans spend more time consuming media than they do in bed – regardless of what they do there? It’s true! Americans spend an average of 10.2 hours per day devouring media, according to new Ipsos research delivered via The Grill. In fact, media intake has increased at a rate of 12 minutes per year over the last two years.

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