Super Bowl

Small Business Events Win: 5 Big Game Tactics

Location of Big Game Event

What can you learn from big game advertisers? 5 actionable small business event tips to make yours a win like the big game advertisers. With examples included.

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Made in America Wins Big for Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl car advertising did something that Obama should do for the American economy. Instead of driving in circles, they took pride in American manufacturing and made it sexy. They took Obama’s spirited, Change You Can Believe In and showed that Americans can make cars that compete in the world market. “Made with pride in the USA” was emotional and sexy.

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Groupon Super Bowl Ad Breaks Social Media Rules

Groupon’s Super Bowl ad broke the number one rule of social media: It’s NOT about you!  Groupon’s making light of the Chinese occupation of Tibet in their Super Bowl ad totally missed its mark.  It’s hard to believe that no one at Groupon, their advertising agency or other advisor didn’t have a sense of how bad this ad would play in the theater of public opinion, especially following on the heels of Kenneth Cole’s Egyptian gaff.

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