Does Your Brand Use These 3 Story Types

Why is storytelling important? Because we’ve been telling stories around the campfire for centuries. Stories amuse and impart knowledge. Stories do something that disparate facts alone can’t do. By getting people involved and providing context, stories help people remember information. Further, they instill readers with feelings for the protagonist, which products alone can’t do. As a result, stories are important for brands because they form associations, provide emotional attachment and make them memorable.

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What Ashton Kutcher Can Teach Marketers

Ashton Kutcher wants to be entertained or he’s gone. As marketers, this means you need to tell a story regardless of the medium, digital or live, because we’ve been trained to understand them since we were children. Here are five tips from Digitas’ The New Front 2011 to illustrate how celebrities enhance your marketing stories.

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How to Incorporate Stories Into Your Marketing

Stories play an important role in how we communicate. As such, they’re useful to integrate into your marketing  and social media content to give it life. Here are 5 traditional story formats and 5 ways that they can help your marketing and social media initiatives.

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