Storytelling and Content Marketing: What Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton Can Teach You That Will Keep Your Marketing Going And Increase Sales

Storytelling and Content Marketing How To Be Better Hamilton Can Teach You

Want to improve your results? Combine Storytelling and Content Marketing and use these 3 lessons that Hamilton can teach you.

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Content Marketing Fairytale Framework: What Royal Weddings Can Teach You

content marketing fairytale framework

Does your content marketing yield happily ever after results? If not, use this content marketing fairytale framework to instill your content with audience-attracting structure. Includes research, story frameworks and content marketing tactics. Make business storytelling easy!

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Content Marketing: Where To Find Your Storytellers

Does your content marketing have storytellers who make your business real? Here are 5 sources of storytellers every business has. Examples included.

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Why Your Content Marketing Requires A Story

Is your content marketing difficult to understand? If so, incorporate a story. Here are 5 actionable storytelling tips to make your content memorable.

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Star Trek: 10 Content Marketing Lessons

Star Trek

With its mission, “To boldly go where no one has gone before,” Star Trek has built an enduring brand around amazing content.

Content marketers can learn a lot from this on-going science fiction franchise that includes five television series, twelve feature films, hundreds of novels, comics, games, figurines and more.

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Content Marketing: What Do Customers Know That Marketers Often Miss?

Take your content marketing cue from L.L. Bean, the founder of the Freeport Maine based company built around his legendary hunting shoes. To understand the importance of his boots, here’s the story behind them. Returning home from a Maine hunting trip  with cold, wet feet, Bean wanted to prevent the problem in the future. He decided to sew leather boot uppers to a waterproof rubber sole.

Here are three examples showing how to use stories in your content marketing plus seven places to look for your own stories. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Social Media Branding: 10 Tips You Need Now

Socialize your brand on social media

When it comes to branding on social media platforms, many marketers underestimate what they need to do to extend their brand’s attributes onto these networks.  This holds if you’re a B2C, B2B, not-for-profit (NFP) or a solopreneur. Here are ten ways to consistently build your brand on social media platforms.

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5 Types of Brand Stories You Can Use Now! [Examples]

What''s your brand story about?

Storytelling is integral to brands because, as part of our oral tradition, it reduces product narrative to its core elements. From a brand perspective, the challenge is to leverage the organic product, company, employee and customer stories that are part of your history and DNA and keep them going over time. What do you want your brand to be remembered for? Here are 5 brand story archetypes and related examples.

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