How To Use Stories To Increase Value and Drive Sales

Did you know stories can enhance product value & increase sales? Here’s proof with 5 story types any business can use (& small business examples.)

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How to Create B2B Content Marketing That Sells

Content marketing is on the rise for more than four out five B2B marketers, according to a recent 2012 B2B content marketing survey of LinkedIn members. Here are the highlights of the research including the secret to B2B content marketing and 7 tips to help your content marketing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Content Marketing: Stories And The Purchase Process [Chart]

Are you using stories to enhance your content marketing? If not, you may want to reconsider because the rationale behind integrating various types of stories into your content marketing is to make it easier for the public to understand and remember your offering. Telling stories helps you maximize the impact of your marketing efforts by increasing mindshare. (Here are 29 company stories ideas to help you.) To this end, it’s helpful to use the buying cycle as a means of correlating the information customers seek with the appropriate types of stories because stories are needed at every step of the process. [Chart] via Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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13 Ways Stories Support Social Media Marketing

Stories are the heart and soul of social media because they’re powerful, they connect us and help prospects and customers engage with our businesses, products and brands. At their core, stories are about our shared experiences and the strength of our relationships. As a result, they’re critical to social media marketing. Here are thirteen ways that stories support your social media marketing and how to use them effectively.

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31 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Do you want your blog to stand out from the pack? Getting your blog or other content marketing noticed requires three distinct elements: developing great content, promoting your blog or content and making your blog sharable. This holds true for B2C, B2B, not-for-profit and personal blogs. Here are 31 ways to increase your blog (or content marketing for that matter) visibility.

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Marketing Meets Storytelling: 5 Reasons Brands Need Stories

By providing context, stories are an important brand association. Stories gives marketing messages and related content elements that are memorable. To help you develop stories for your brands and marketing,  5 marketing-related storytelling elements and 5 brand-related factors are outlined. Please read on ….

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