Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life: What You Need To Do

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life

Ready for Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life? Use the entire checklist or sections to tidy up, declutter and purge your computer and devices. Includes useful data.

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9 Steps To Organize Your Social Media For Success

On social media, spring cleaning is an annual ritual when you discard old and/or outdated items while sprucing up and freshening your presence. This process enables you to get organized and be more effective going forward. 

In honor of the vernal equinox (aka the first day of Spring), here’s a nine step social media spring cleaning checklist to ensure that your social media presence, including your blog, is on track for success. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Does Your Job Search Need a Spring Cleaning?

Spring is finally in the air, bringing with it a sense of renewal, signaling a time to clean out and organize. For job hunters, this is an opportunity to refresh your campaign and get a new perspective on your search. Here are twelve ways to reinvigorate your job search.

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