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To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Before you jump on the Twitter bandwagon, realize that three tweets a day won’t cut it as a Twitter marketing strategy. A strong Twitter strategy requires on-going engagement and related human and financial resources to support your efforts and drive profitable results. Here are 10 Twitter tips that every company should consider.

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Is Your Marketing for the Birds?

In honor of National Bird Day, here are ten social media marketing lessons that birds can teach us. Each has a literary reference to birds to guide you through it.

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#UsGuys: Social Media Case Study

#UsGuys has aroused attention in the Social Media ecosystem. Founded by five guys, who allow #UsGals to join them, #UsGuys is 24/7 Twitter chat that’s an example of how to do social media right. Included are the group’s three major social media accomplishments and links to more information about the group. Please join our social media tribe.

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Blog Comments: How To Get Them!

Blog comments are nirvana for bloggers. The challenge is that most bloggers receive very few of them if any. Here are 7 suggestions to help you get more comments on your blog and recommendations for blog comment policies.

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