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29 Social Media Leaps of Faith

A social media leap of faith gets you to stop lurking and jump into the social media conversation. By participating on one or more platforms, you exercise your go-with-your-gut intuition to make a pay-it-forward contribution to the community. Remember whatever you post on social media is part of your digital footprint and it’s permanent. In honor of Leap Day 2012, here are twenty-nine leaps of faith to help you build your social media presence and activity.

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How to Grow Your Blog Audience Without Really Trying

While prospective readers can just stop by your blog by typing in your URL, the reality is that, in today’s time pressed world, while many may have good intentions, it often becomes one more thing on their to do list. As a blogger, to break through the inertia and the message clutter, you must continue to build your blog audience. Before you develop a marketing plan to achieve this goal, make sure that you’re leveraging all of the options where neither you nor your readers ’t really have to do anything. Here are ten ways to get readers to connect with your blog without having to think about it.

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Are You Missing An Important Networking Opportunity?

Are you overlooking an important networking opportunity in your circle of friends? When an executive decides to start networking the first thing, he does is make a list of current and former managers, co-workers and other business contacts. While this list generally contains family members (because they have to help him), it often overlooks one significant group, his closest friends. It means he’s missing out on the power of loose connections.

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Social Media Burnout: Do You Have These 7 Telltale Signs?

Has social media taken over your life? Do you live to engage with your social media tribe? If so, you may be suffering from social media burnout.

Social media burnout is when an individual has become so engrossed in social media engagement that it interferes with their real world personal and business activities leaving the person emotionally exhausted. Instead of energizing the participant, it drains him.

To help you assess whether you’re approaching social media burnout, here’s a list of seven questions to ask yourself to determine whether your social media usage is becoming excessive.

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Does Your Social Media Marketing Set Off Fireworks?

Fireworks are symbolic of the Fourth of July. They commemorate the rockets’ red glare and the bombs bursting in air when we defended our freedom as Americans. Social media marketing has a lot in common with Independence Day. Social media is a move away from traditional media and communications. In many organizations, however, the use of social media causes management to send up severe warnings. Here’s seven ways to make your social media cause fireworks.

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Why Your Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work (And How to Fix It)

Social media marketing doesn’t work is a complaint I often hear. Without looking at the campaign or doing any analysis I can almost always determine the reason. Here are six factors that can cause your marketing to fail and ways to fix them.

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6 Tips to Build Your Social Media Network

To network effectively, you need a community. To this end, it’s important to build your social media tribe. Your ultimate goal for networking is to bridge online to real life relationships. Here are 6 tips to help you build your social media network.

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Is Social Media a Snow Job?

Is the hype about social media just another snow job? Or does social media really help achieve corporate and marketing goals?

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