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How to Guarantee Your Social Media ROI is Zero

how to guarantee your Social media ROI is zero

47.9% of marketers can’t measure any social media ROI. Yet social media accounts for 10.6% of marketing budgets.
Research from Tiffany-quality organizations including Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the American Marketing Association and Deloitte charts Social Media Spend As Percentage of Marketing Budget. What does this mean for your marketing?

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2015 Social Media Predictions: 10 Forecasts You Need

2015 Social Media Predictions

Here are the Top 10 2015 social media predictions and the challenges each social network faces. Included are 27 social media marketing tactics to help you.

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3 Steps To Social Media ROI Success

Looking to calculate social media ROI success? Here are 3 easy tips to get your on to your way for social media ROI success (with charts)

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Social Media ROI: What 10% of B2C Firms Do Right

social media roi

Does your B2C firm drive a positive social media ROI? Here are 7 factors to help you align with the top 10% of social media businesses. Research / charts.

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Does Your Social Media Generate Sales? [Research]

Does your social media marketing generate enough sales to break-even? If not, you’re in good company.  Don’t worry that’s not stopping companies from investing in social media marketing! Here’s what the research shows and what you need to do about it. [Research charts included.]

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How Do You Measure Social Media?

Do you know what percentage of your website visits come from social media? According to ForeSee’s new research, less than 1% of website visits come directly from a social media URL. Read the press release and you’ll see that they’re very specific. Here are 7 points that need to be considered and 5 social media marketing factors that can improve your social media ROI.

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2011: Year of Social Media Integration [Research included]

Following social media’s tipping point in 2010, 2011 is the year of social media integration. Social media is NOT just marketing anymore! The top three social media programs are brand monitoring, staffing and training.  As a result, companies will be focused on social media ROI. [Research included.]

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Social Media Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

Roughly three out of five marketers poised to allocate more of their budget to social media marketing in 2011 according to Strong Mail’s 2011 Marketing Trends Survey. So what’s the dirty little secret? They can’t measure it! Here are three tactics to get you started on the process of social media metrics.

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