Social Media Policies

Social Media’s 10 Commandments

Social media encompasses a broad variety of different platforms where there’s an unstated set of rules by which participants interact, engage and contribute. While many of these networks tend to be self-regulating, as a marketer, it’s important to understand these generally accepted practices that govern social media behavior because users act under these established rules and expect others to do so as well. To help clarify what’s expected of participants, here are ten social media commandments that apply to both individuals and companies to make social media engagement a positive experience for everyone regardless of their level and/or form of activity.

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3 Social Media Must Haves For Companies

While social media continues to mature, it’s still a scary environment for many businesses since it means that prospects, customers and the public have the platforms and tools to amplify their voices with relative ease. In today’s social media ecosystem, there are three elements that every company should have regardless of whether they’re active on social media networks or not.

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How to Create Social Media Guidelines

With expanded use of social media, it’s surprising, after three years, that only half of organizations adopt social media guidelines. Why is this important? Because having a set of social media guidelines is evidence that a company understands how communications have evolved. Here are 5 social media guidelines that every firm can use and 5 steps to create a set of social media guidelines for your firm.

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Etsy Sees PR Light Belatedly

Etsy has been slow to respond to its real-time PR and communications firestorm about derogatory greeting cards for sale on its site. Belatedly, Adam Freed, Etsy’s Chief Operating Officer announced on the company’s blog that Etsy has changed its policy regarding products that promote hatred and demean people.

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111 Ways to Jumpstart 2011

January a great time for you to jumpstart your year. Here’s a checklist of 111 questions to help you assess where your business is now and how to position for 2011. While this list may require more than one sitting to digest, it’s well worth the investment in terms of getting your business on track for 2011.

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5 Key Indicators of Social Media Adoption [Chart Included]

As companies get more sophisticated in their use of social media, there are 5 major factors that show their progress based on SmartBrief Inc. and Summus Limited’s 2010 State of Social Media For Business’recent research. (Chart included)

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17 Social Media Guidelines Every Company Needs

Does your firm have social media guidelines outlining acceptable behavior on various social media platforms? Do you think that they’re not necessary because you don’t engage in social media marketing? Think again because your employees are active across the social media landscape and may be representing your company without realizing it. Here are 17 social media guidelines to help you develop a set tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Social Media Costs

7 Expense Factors to Monitor Extending beyond the “cool” factor, social media’s increasing marketing usage is partly attributable to its perception of being “free”. Fueling this view are the success stories of small businesses for whom social media levels the competitive field by extending their reach using sweat equity in lieu of hard dollars. While it’s easy to believe that social media marketing is easy and relatively low cost, but before you launch your social media campaign, assess how these rarely publicized components can effect your profitability.

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