social media metrics

Social Media Metrics ABCs

Social media metrics must track back to your business goals in order to determine your social media marketing strategy’s effectiveness. To help you, here are the ABCs of social media metrics.

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Social Media Metrics: How Am I Doing? [Chart]

Social media is a growing part of everyone’s marketing plans. To achieve optimal results, your social media marketing efforts must flow from your business goals and deliver measureable results. While this seems obvious, research shows that only one in three marketers measures social media ROI after three years. Here’s a chart outlining seven different business goals and how to track your related social media efforts. [Chart]

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Social Media Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

Roughly three out of five marketers poised to allocate more of their budget to social media marketing in 2011 according to Strong Mail’s 2011 Marketing Trends Survey. So what’s the dirty little secret? They can’t measure it! Here are three tactics to get you started on the process of social media metrics.

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