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13 Ways Stories Support Social Media Marketing

Stories are the heart and soul of social media because they’re powerful, they connect us and help prospects and customers engage with our businesses, products and brands. At their core, stories are about our shared experiences and the strength of our relationships. As a result, they’re critical to social media marketing. Here are thirteen ways that stories support your social media marketing and how to use them effectively.

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Twitter Marketing: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Return

Is your Twitter marketing yielding the best results possible? It isn’t if you’re just using it as another one-way broadcast channel filled with your marketing messages. Best social media marketing practices have evolved and it’s time now to integrate your Twitter efforts with the rest of your marketing plan.

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50 Questions To Determine Social Media Marketing Success

To maximize your organization’s social media effectiveness, here’s a set of fifty questions. Depending on where your organization is along the social media adoption curve, these questions can help you develop your social media marketing plans going forward by determining where you need to improve.

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Bill Bernbach’s 5 Social Media Marketing Lessons [Quotes]

bill bernbach - mad man

Advertising legend Bill Bernbach, one of the original mad men, would be at home today creating content and engaging on social media platforms. Known for igniting a creative revolution back in the 1960s, Bernbach created great brands such as Avis (We Try Harder) by understanding the product and why his audience needed it. Out of this appreciation, Bernbach would develop social media marketing content that attracted and engaged prospects. Here are five of Bill Bernbach’s sayings and the lessons they hold for social media marketing.

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The One Social Media Metric You Need [Data]

As social media marketing matures, measuring its effectiveness is a high priority for marketers. Every marketer knows the bottom line for social media marketing, like any other type of marketing investment, is what it will do to grow my business. To help social media marketers better understand the results of their social media initiatives, I asked a group of social media marketers and metrics experts what they thought was the most important element of social media metrics. (Read Social Media Marketing Metrics ABCs to get a better understanding of social media marketing metrics.)

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Social Media Metrics ABCs

Social media metrics must track back to your business goals in order to determine your social media marketing strategy’s effectiveness. To help you, here are the ABCs of social media metrics.

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Why Can’t We Hire A College Intern to Do Our Social Media Marketing?

Does Hire-a-College-Intern to handle social media sound familiar? This approach tosocial media marketing can be alluring especially if you still haven’t ventured onto Facebook and one of your firm’s senior executives will owe you a favor for hiring his Facebook-savvy spawn as your social media intern. This seat of your pants approach to social media marketing is based on the certain perceived benefits. Here are three reasons, are fundamental to your long-term business objectives, why a college intern can’t handle your firm’s social media marketing strategy.


10 Social Media Marketing Sins

For the social media marketing sins that we’ve committed either by knowing or ignorance, we marketers must atone by acknowledging them and making changes or amends. Here are ten social media marketing mistakes and how to fix them.

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