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How to Build Your Social Media Team

Social Media Requires Teamwork

Social media must be integrated across your organization in order to effectively leverage your employees’ strengths. This requires strong teamwork that breaks down the corporate silos and creates cross-functional partnerships. Getting social media to work in large organizations means understanding and meeting three requirements. Here’s how to build your social media team.

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7 Sure Fire Ways to Create Social Media Content When You Have Nothing to Say

Help I have nothing to say on social media is a comment I often hear. Creating effective content is one of the biggest hurdles companies have with implementing a social media marketing strategy. In my experience the problem arises because the employees are too close to the company, product/service or issue.  Creating great social media content requires understanding your social media audience.

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How Marketers Miss the Boat With Social Media Relationships

Social media engagement can be a goldmine for marketers. The problem is that many marketers view social media platforms as another channel to push their messages out. When they do this, they miss the boat in terms of social media engagement where participants expect to interact with real life human beings, not a company shill. Is your business following any of these seven social media tactics without realizing that you could be hurting your customer acquisition and retention efforts?

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Why Your Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work (And How to Fix It)

Social media marketing doesn’t work is a complaint I often hear. Without looking at the campaign or doing any analysis I can almost always determine the reason. Here are six factors that can cause your marketing to fail and ways to fix them.

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Where’s the Beef in Your Social Media Content? [Chart]

Is your social media content just empty calories filled with meaningless corporate-speak? Strong social media content is a lot like a juicy steak. Here are 5 ways to make your content like a great steak. In addition, there’s a chart to show you how to create content by format across company departments.

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