Social Media Advertising

Why Social Media Ads Don’t Work [Research]

Beyond fueling social media and search, the one reason content marketing works is that customers trust it; they don’t trust advertising. Additionally, content marketing is more cost effective than digital advertising. Consumers don’t like being tricked with fake information that interrupts and promotes. These sentiments are at the heart of social media participation. Here’s research to show why social media ads and fake content don’t work. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing blog.

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Is Your Marketing for the Birds?

In honor of National Bird Day, here are ten social media marketing lessons that birds can teach us. Each has a literary reference to birds to guide you through it.

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Online Advertising’s Tipping Point

In 2010, online advertising has finally reached a tipping point. It exceeds revenues from newspaper advertising, both online and offline. Here are five implications for marketers. (Data charts included!)

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I Want My Social Media Without Advertising!

We don’t like advertising on our social media platforms. We find it intrusive and not user-friendly. Here are eight suggestions for how social media platforms can drive revenues. Dare I say social media advertising?

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