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10 Ways to Extend Social Media Sharing [Data]

According to research from ShareThis, Starcom MediaVest and Rubinson Partners, Sharing accounts for 10% of all Internet traffic and roughly one out of three referral visits to sites from search and social media. To put this in perspective, search remains about twice that size. Based on these research findings, here are ten tips to increase the productivity of your social sharing efforts.

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Establishing Outposts in the Social Media Ecosphere

Marketers can extend their reach through the use of social media’s assortment of tools to distribute information which Chris Brogan calls outposts. Because time is the great equalizer, attention, the amount of time focused on your message, is a scarce commodity. Therefore your content needs to center on consumers and the public’s goals and needs and appear where they spend time. This article examines 3 types of outposts in the social media ecosystem. Please read on …

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