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21 Point Social Media And Mobile Checklist [Research]

Social media and mobile savvy, small to medium sized businesses (aka SMBs) provide useful insights for all marketers because they’ve more limited resources than their larger competitors. As a result, they develop cost-effective marketing that translates to measurable revenue generation. Here’s a twenty-one point small and medium size business social media and mobile marketing checklist. Any marketer can (and should) use it to maximize business results.

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24 Ways to Promote Your Blog With NO Budget, NO Time & NO Resources

For small businesses a blog can be a key component for getting your message out. Unfortunately, blogging takes hard work and may leave little time for promotion. Here are 24 tips to promote your blog with limited resources.


Groupon’s Costs: Can You Afford a Free Lunch?

Until earlier this week, Groupon’s meteoric business growth hasn’t been tarnished with naysayers. Poises Cafe owner Jesse Burke exposed the negative side of a Groupon offer in her Facebook post that quickly garnered online attention. This article examines the assumptions and requirements of a Groupon offer based on Burke’s experience to highlight how to think about your business, especially small ones. Please read on …

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