Content Saturation: How Your Content Marketing Can Succeed [Research]

Content Saturation- How your content marketing can succeed (research)

Worried that content saturation (aka: Content Shock) will hurt your content marketing results? Included are 3 reasons content saturation hurts your content marketing with charts and 3 tactics to succeed at content marketing despite content saturation.

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3 Power Pinterest Search Marketing Tips To Maximize Traffic

Power Pinterest Search Marketing Tips

Did you know that Pinterest is the new Google? Here’s the data and 3 power Pinterest Search Marketing Tips to increase traffic and results from Pinterest.

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You Can Put A Price On Pinterest

Pinterest Tactics

Is Pinterest part of your social media strategy? Include these 15 Pinterest tactics in your marketing plans to drive sales and traffic to your site.

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Social Media Shares: Are You Maximizing Reach?

Do your social media shares maximize your reach? Here’s 2013 social sharing data & charts analyzed. Includes 7 actionable social media marketing tips.

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Pinterest: 3 Tips (and The 1 Secret They Share)


Showing your Pinterest power? If not, here are 3 Power Pinterest Tips (& the 1 secret they share). Also, 3 Pinterest data charts to help your marketing.

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Pinterest: The Best New Source of Traffic [Research]

Pinterest is the fourth largest source of traffic in the world according to data from Shareaholic. Pinterest’s traffic has doubled since May making it an important entryway to your business. Here are six Pinterest do’s and don’ts from Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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19 Reasons To Add Pinterest To Your Social Media Strategy

Pinterest, the image based social media site, tends to attract participants interested in home decorating, crafts, fashion, and food. Regardless of your business focus, you need to better understand what Pinterest has to offer your business and its social media marketing. To see where you can integrate photographs and images into your content marketing to fuel Pinterest engagement, examine some recent research data to see where there are opportunities. Here are ten charts and nineteen facts about Pinterest to help you use the social media site.

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