How to Create Fail-Proof Blog Posts – 15 Must-Have Factors

Key to Fail-proof blogging

Every blogger prays each blog post is a home run yielding lots of readers, social media shares and comments. As Mack Collier has pointed out and I strongly agree, you need to focus your blog on achieving your blog goals, not just chasing social shares or comments. To this end, writing consistently strong blog posts yields results over time. (Don’t take my word for it, check out how SEO whiz Rand Fishkin shows this for his wife’s blog.) Here are 15 steps to help make your blog fail-proof.

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15 SEO Experts Give Their Best Social MediaTips

Search and social media

Social media plays an important role in search. Therefore, marketers should ensure that their social media marketing is optimized for their key search terms. Here are fifteen search experts’ recommendations for social media.

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15 SEO Experts Give Their Best Tips For Blogging

Search and blogging

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) and blogs are intricately intertwined. By their nature, blogs are attractive to search engines. Here’s what 15 SEO experts recommend for maximizing your blog’s search optimization. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Content Marketing: Social Media, Search Optimization & Purchase Process

Social media, search optimization and purchase support form content marketing’s trifecta. Use these three elements to maximize sales while improving ROI. Before placing your content marketing bets (aka developing your editorial calendar), here’s what’s needed from each leg of this triumvirate.

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20 Most Useful Blog Plugins For Non-Geeks

Blog plugins are short pieces of programming code that add a specific set of features to your blog. While there’s a wide variety of blog plug-ins available, here are twenty of the most useful plug-ins explained in plain English for non-geeks.

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Do You Know Your Social Media Marketing ABCs?

Social media continues to evolve. In the process, social media’s become integrated into how we do marketing and continues to account for a larger portion of the marketing spend. To help you with your social media marketing, here are the ABC’s of social media marketing.


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Blogging SEO – 7 Tips With Resources from Blogworld Expo New York

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) helps make your blog findable for your potential audience. The challenge for bloggers (and other content creators) is developing content that’s attractive to both humans and search engines. Here are seven tips for bloggers from Blogworld Expo  New York.

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40 Blog Metrics

Ask many bloggers how their blog is performing and they suddenly get nervous. Why? Is there an arithmophobia epidemic raging across the blogosphere? The reality is that blog metrics are your friend. They help you understand how well your blog is performing relative to your goals. Here are 40 blog metrics to help you asset your blog’s performance.

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