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Does Your Digital Marketing Contain These 5 Building Blocks?

Do your digital marketing plans incorporate these five crucial building blocks? The proliferation of technology platforms and marketing options can be confusing when plotting your business’ course. The newest shiny business tool can sometimes blind marketers. As a result, it can be difficult to ensure your marketing plans contain the most relevant and effective components. To help you keep your digital marketing on course to achieve your firm’s objectives, here are the five major elements to integrate into your plans and why you need each one.

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Blogging SEO – 7 Tips With Resources from Blogworld Expo New York

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) helps make your blog findable for your potential audience. The challenge for bloggers (and other content creators) is developing content that’s attractive to both humans and search engines. Here are seven tips for bloggers from Blogworld Expo  New York.

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20 Blog How-Tos

Mayday is a boat’s distress signal. To celebrate May 1st, here’s a blogging 911 to give you the answers to the top twenty blogging questions. There’s useful blogging how-tos for both beginning and experienced bloggers.

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40 Blog Metrics

Ask many bloggers how their blog is performing and they suddenly get nervous. Why? Is there an arithmophobia epidemic raging across the blogosphere? The reality is that blog metrics are your friend. They help you understand how well your blog is performing relative to your goals. Here are 40 blog metrics to help you asset your blog’s performance.

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Why Content Marketing is Sexy

Content marketing can be sexy in the same subtle way that a good looking woman can be sexy, just because she attracts attention. Content marketing attracts attention which in turn drives social media, search optimization and sales. To help you improve your content marketing, here are 13 tips to integrate content into your marketing plan. Please read on …

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