QR Codes: 26 MUST-HAVE Facts [Data & Charts]

With increased hype and discussions, QR code usage has moved past its early adopter phase in the US. While QR codes are popping up with greater frequency on marketing materials, ads and other surfaces, much of the population still doesn’t know what they are or how to use them. (Here are twelve examples of QR codes in use.) Marketers want to know what’s the current penetration of the market that can use them and what are the usage forecasts in order to determine whether QR codes should be integrated into new marketing materials.  To help, here are 26 QR code data points complete with charts and analysis.

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QR Codes Are Here to Stay [Data]

QR codes are the glue that connects offline media in its broadest sense to online, namely mobile, with a snap of your smartphone (of course you must have a QR code reader installed.) While QR codes aren’t mainstream yet, they’re past the early adopter phase. Here are 5 ways QR codes meet marketers’ needs and 3 challenges they pose.

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