Does Your Content Marketing Contain These 12 Must-Have Components?

As a marketer, do you consider your content finished once it’s written and proofread? If so, you may not be maximizing the effectiveness of each piece of content to reach the broadest possible audience. To that end, here are twelve must-have content marketing elements to ensure your content marketing maximizes its effectiveness. Of course, you must have a related call-to-action to motivate readers to action.

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How to Grow Your Blog Audience Without Really Trying

While prospective readers can just stop by your blog by typing in your URL, the reality is that, in today’s time pressed world, while many may have good intentions, it often becomes one more thing on their to do list. As a blogger, to break through the inertia and the message clutter, you must continue to build your blog audience. Before you develop a marketing plan to achieve this goal, make sure that you’re leveraging all of the options where neither you nor your readers ’t really have to do anything. Here are ten ways to get readers to connect with your blog without having to think about it.

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Are You Maximizing Your Content Reach?

Chances are your potential audience is smaller than it could be. Like many content creators and bloggers, you consider you’re finished once you hit the publish button. The reality is content creation is only the first step in getting your content widely distributed to the people most interested in it. Without further action, your content, social media or blog post will languish with lackluster readership unless you write for an established media entity with a large reader base. Here are 13 tactics to grow your audience.

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29 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Blog Traffic

Are you doing everything that you can to improve your blog traffic? Here are twenty-nine points to consider when assessing how well your blog is performing.

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Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life?

Since social media participation can be time-consuming, here’s daily roadmap to help you stay abreast of what’s happening time efficiently.

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