Reputation Management

How to Pump Up Your Personal Brand

Holidays are a great time to pump up your personal marketing routine. Here are 7 tips to help you take your marketing to the next level.

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Social Media Costs

7 Expense Factors to Monitor Extending beyond the “cool” factor, social media’s increasing marketing usage is partly attributable to its perception of being “free”. Fueling this view are the success stories of small businesses for whom social media levels the competitive field by extending their reach using sweat equity in lieu of hard dollars. While it’s easy to believe that social media marketing is easy and relatively low cost, but before you launch your social media campaign, assess how these rarely publicized components can effect your profitability.

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LeBron James and Social Media

Fueled by a scarcity of information and conjecture about where he was going, the impact of LeBron James’ social media presence exploded, creating social media impressions valued at over $20 million according to General Sentiment.  But fan loyalty changed abruptly following LeBron’s highly publicized ESPN announcement hurting his reputation. This article examines 3 alternatives that could have helped keep his fans on his side. Please continue reading …

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13 Ways Social Media Has Transformed Marketing

Mashable’s Social Media Day provides an excellent opportunity to examine how social media has transformed marketing. Social media has profoundly altered how marketers, consumers, the media and the general public view and experience companies and their products. Older marketing tools and platforms have not gone away, but social media has certainly created a lot of new and exciting options. Here are thirteen ways that social media has changed marketing. Read on …

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