What Social Media Is Media Means For Your 2017 Marketing

Social media is media

Understand what social media means for your marketing. Social media is media explained by 3 key attributes.

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Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life?

Since social media participation can be time-consuming, here’s daily roadmap to help you stay abreast of what’s happening time efficiently.

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Old Spice’s Viral Social Media Drives Sales

To reposition Old Spice, Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice’s sexy brand icon, was featured in 180+ YouTube videos. These humorous social media clips  garnered 35+ million YouTube views. To help you assess the branding impact of your social media campaign, here are 31 questions to determine brand effectiveness. Please read on …

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@OldSpice Raises the Social Media (Shower) Bar

Old Spice is no longer your grandfather’s brand since entering the social media stage wearing only a towel on July 13th. Old Spice’ 180+ video campaign is destined to become 2010’s social media case study.  Here are 4 ways that Old Spice turned social media on its head. Please read on …

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