How Book Marketing Can Actually Improve Your Content Marketing Results

Dog With Glasses Reading Book- Book Marketing

Want to expand your content marketing? Then add book marketing to increase your audience and sales. Includes case studies, examples and tips.

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3 No-Brainer Reasons To Curate Content

Reasons to curate content

Want to extend your content marketing budget? Here are 3 no-brainer reasons to curate content. includes 3 case studies & 6 actionable content curation tips.

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5 Recommendations To Deal With Social Media Firestorms

Social media has changed the rules for many businesses. Social media requires understanding your organization’s rights as well as those of your prospects, customers, influencers, social media connections, and the public. Despite what your lawyers tell you, your organization will be tried in the court of public opinion on social media platforms. (Of course it helps to have a plan in case of a PR crisis.) To help you navigate the social media sea of public opinion, here are five recommendations from Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Social Media Plays Niche

Marketers have more social media network options than Facebook. Ravelry, a community of over 600,000 knitters, crocheters and spinners, is one example. Here are 7 marketing lessons for using niche sites.

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