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12 Content Marketing Elements

Content marketing attracts and engages prospects, customers and the public to take further action towards a business goal with useful, well-written information. It takes a longer view to connecting with its target audience by creating an extended interaction. Further, content marketing is at the heart of many social media strategies since it provides the food for social media interaction. Here are the twelve elements of content marketing that distinguish it from other marketing messaging and communications.

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Content Marketing Meets Purchase Process [Chart]

At every step of the purchase process, content marketing provides prospects with useful, branded information in a variety of formats. As a result, consumers can efficiently choose the optimal product to meet their needs while marketers work to enhance customer relationships. The Content Marketing Meets Purchase Process table shows the type of information prospects seek and the formats options available for marketers. Here are five ways to choose which type of content marketing will work best for your product and buying cycle.

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