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Using Social Media To Support The Purchase Process

For many small businesses, social media is often a time-suck. Despite this, your small business can leverage the power of social media to get prospects, customers, fans and the public engaged with your brand and content by being selective and targeted in your use of these platforms based on the different phases of the purchase process.  Infographic and 5 actionable social media tips.

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7 Steps You Need Now to Get Your Social Media Selling

How to increase your social media sales

On social media, being promotional is a big no-no. This includes any communication that contains a price, offers a discount or says buy this. So how’s a marketer to sell his offering using social media? (For additional insights, read how social media is dragging e-commerce into the future.) Here are seven steps to help you use social media to support your sales process. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Content Marketing: Social Media, Search Optimization & Purchase Process

Social media, search optimization and purchase support form content marketing’s trifecta. Use these three elements to maximize sales while improving ROI. Before placing your content marketing bets (aka developing your editorial calendar), here’s what’s needed from each leg of this triumvirate.

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5 Opportunities to Deliver Targeted Content Marketing

Are you looking to extend customer relationships? If so, provide content marketing targeted at the different phases of the purchase process and customer lifecycle to meet prospect and customer needs. This is effective at achieving these goals.

Here are five occasions when marketers can effectively tailor content to support the sales process and build customer relationships. (Here are 42 ways to attract shoppers with relevant content.)

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7 Steps to Make Your Marketing Actionable

With increased cost pressures and decreased brand loyalty, every marketer’s looking for cost effective ways to make their marketing actionable. Here are seven ways to make your marketing actionable, including how to use various platforms to support the purchase process.

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12 Tips to Improve Your Blog & Content Marketings’s Conversion Rate

Have you built traffic to your blog or content marketing but are discouraged because no one’s buying from you? While only a small percentage of your visitors will eventually purchase, the chances are that your content may not be aligned with the purchase process for your product offering. Here are twelve questions to help you determine where there’s an issue that’s preventing your prospects from purchasing.

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Social Media Day: How Has Your Organization Evolved?

While marketers, PR experts, social media professionals and business executives may differ in how they define social media, they’d all agree that social media has changed how products and services are marketed. In the past year, social media has evolved from a small marketing test to an integral part of the marketing plan that enables a business to achieve its goals. Here are ten elements that distinguish social media as it’s currently implemented in businesses and organizations.

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12 Content Marketing Elements

Content marketing attracts and engages prospects, customers and the public to take further action towards a business goal with useful, well-written information. It takes a longer view to connecting with its target audience by creating an extended interaction. Further, content marketing is at the heart of many social media strategies since it provides the food for social media interaction. Here are the twelve elements of content marketing that distinguish it from other marketing messaging and communications.

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