10 Small Business Marketing Lessons You Need To Make The Most Of Your Limited Resources

Small business marketing lessons

Does your small business need to make better use of your resources? Follow these 10 Small Business Marketing Lessons to achieve your business goals.

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Easy Guide To Solopreneur Pricing: How To Set Rates That Will Make You Happy

Solopreneur Pricing

Wonder how to price your services as a solopreneur, consultant or freelancer? Use this easy guide to solopreneur pricing. It outlines (with examples) 5 types of pricing to help you.

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Pricing: It Is NOT About The Numbers

Pricing is one of the core 4Ps of marketing. It’s integral to achieving your business objectives. For most businesses, this translates to profits, aka ROI.

Scared of dealing with numbers, marketers, business executives and solopreneurs  guess at the “perfect” price rather than ensuring their prices are aligned with the rest of their marketing. The problem is that social media and mobile have changed pricing and increased price transparency. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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How Social Media and Mobile Change Pricing Strategies

How social media and mobile change pricing

While pricing has always been hard, in today’s social media engaged, mobile connected world, pricing is even more challenging because the changing environment has increased the risks. Here are pricing’s five biggest challenges and thirteen tactics to help handle them. While many of these examples are B2C, the same principles hold for B2B and solopreneur pricing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Are You Giving Away Your Product Too Cheaply?

Are you pricing your product to maximize your revenue and profit opportunities? Often, marketers underestimate the strategic importance of pricing and it’s impact on their revenue potential and bottom line. Therefore, assess your offering’s tangible and intangible benefits in fulfilling the consumer’s specific needs. To help you better price your offering, here are seven steps to assess your offering’s true value and price it accordingly.

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Subscription Only: HBO-On-Demand Misses Revenue Opportunity

Shortly after the last episode of The Sopranos, we pulled the plug on HBO since most of its offering made infomercials look entertaining. Why pay incremental monthly fees? Fast forward, when we tried ordering HBO-on-demand, we couldn’t. Here are 5 price related factors to size market potential. Read on …

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How Not to Price: Time Warner Cable Presents Rate Hikes as Savings

Time Warner Cable recently raised rates and tried to present the increase as savings. After showing why this promotion felt deceptive, 5 other options for presenting the price increases are examined. Read on…