7 Ways Photos Support Marketing (HINT: Social Media Included)

This year's must have accessory

In today’s content-driven social media ecosphere, photographs – more broadly including images illustrations, cartoons and infographics – are this year’s must-have marketing accessory. Here are seven ways photographs support your marketing efforts and why you need them.

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Photographs, Images & Graphics – Reader Eye-Candy

Photographs, images and graphics are eye-candy readers can’t resist. When it comes to content marketing, each picture and illustration does the work of a 1,000 words pulling prospective readers in. Marketers take advantage of this attribute by using images to make content easier to consume and more accessible to a broader audience. Here are seven reasons content marketing needs photographs, images and graphics.

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Another 15 Ways to Expand Your Blog Reach

Building a blog following requires a marketing plan. This blog building plan requires consistently exposing new people to your content, ways to keep readers coming back, and making sharing easy. Here are 15 additional tactics to support your blog building efforts.

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