Facebook: What Marketers Need to Know Now [Research]

Facebook is notorious for changing its privacy and data security policies without warning, only to amend them later when there’s user outrage. Further, eroding faith in Facebook is the fact that of it 955 million monthly active users 4.8% or 45.8 million are duplicate accounts and 1.5% or 14.3 million are undesirable based on their latest SEC 10Q. Should you trust Facebook? Here are five Facebook facts (with charts) and five marketing tactics to help marketers. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Social Media Behavior & Engagement: What You Need To Know

Social media is how we communicate now according a Performics and ROI Research survey of individuals who visited at least one social media platform a day. These findings have important implications for marketers seeking to engage prospects and customers. To appreciate how social media has changed our human interactions and communications, check these twelve findings (including charts). Consider them when creating your social media strategy. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog


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Content Marketing: 15 Top Search Optimization Tips

Searching for content marketing

Content marketing and search optimization are intricately interwoven. Content provides context to better understand products and services. Going beyond text descriptions, it answers consumers’ questions at every step of the purchase process. Great content enriches your audience persuading them to choose your firm’s product through a variety of different formats and keywords. Sixteen experts give their advice for leveraging content marketing to support your search optimization plans. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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The Biggest Search Optimization Mistake Marketers Make

Biggest search mistakes

Search optimization is a critical component of every marketing plan because it extends the reach of online and offline content and interactions. [Here’s some SEO tips to start.] Search engines are where consumers go to get their questions answered 24/7 via computers, smartphones and tablets.  To help, here are the suggestions of fifteen search optimization experts with a variety of different approaches to optimizing for search .

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Mobile Search: 15 SEO Experts Give Their Advice [Research]

Attracting customers while they're on the go

Mobile search is an integral part of any mobile marketing strategy with steady growth of smartphones and tablets. Use mobile search to ensure prospects and customers can find you when they actively look for you when they’re on-the-go.  (Here’s some more mobile shopping data you need now!]  Here’s advice from fifteen SEO experts regarding how to optimize you mobile search strategy. Your top priority for mobile should be to have a mobile optimized version of your website.

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Black Friday Kicks Off Holiday Shopping or Does It?

Are you going to the mall for Black Friday holiday shopping? If so, you’re in the minority this year. Check out the holiday shopping research findings…

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