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Social Media Marketing on a Budget

For small businesses and other organizations with limited budgetssocial media marketing can be a great equalizer by providing another way of engaging with your target market and the public. Social media marketing on a budget requires thinking through your business and marketing strategy first. Focus your efforts on one form of social media and do it well. Here’s a set of ten questions to help you lay the groundwork and seven options for leveraging social media on a budget.

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Do Your Online Videos Have Star Power? [Data Included]

Which film will get this year’s Oscar for best social media lessons? While The Social Network might be the obvious choice since it’s the story of Facebook, my money is on The King’s Speech, an old-fashioned movie about friendship – the core of social media.

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YouTube: Digital Video Storyteller

As humans, storytelling is ingrained in us. We tell stories as a way to connect with each other.  For marketers, stories are an integral part of our brands and products because associating emotion with your product or brand brings it to life for customers. In the social media world, stories are transformed into digital videos that are the source of engagement and sharing. Here are five factors that are important to online videos.

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