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10 Social Media Mistakes Marketers Can’t Help Making

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When it comes to social media, marketers can’t help making mistakes. [Check out When Social Media Goes Bad.]  Here are ten social media mistakes marketers can’t help making because social media differs from the way they’ve always done marketing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Super Bowl Advertising: What’s Your Game Plan?

With Super Bowl XLV’s advertising inventory sold out, what can this year’s two teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, teach marketers? Make sure that you’ve a solid strategy for the game. For marketers, this translates to developing a strong online and social media campaign to extend the media investment.

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2010 Proves Social Media Matters [Data Included]

2010 was a tipping point for social media. This was underscored by Time’s choice of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to be Man of the Year. Here are three ways that social media mattered in 2010. [Charts included]

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Cisco Tries to Copy Old Spice’s YouTube Success

Old Spice’s viral 180+ YouTube video campaign was bound to be imitated by social media wannabes.  Instead of no-name startups, the first big-time impersonator was Cisco Systems. With 18 videos highlighting “Ted from Accounting”, Cisco’s low quality efforts provide 10 lessons in how not to do social media. Please read on…

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How Old Spice Can Translate Social Media Success Into Sales

Old Spice’s 180+ YouTube Campaign has received lots of attention which helps to change it into a highly desirable brand. Here are 5 tips for attention getting follow up campaigns to enable Old Spice marketers to drive sales from their social media efforts. Please continue reading …

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@OldSpice Raises the Social Media (Shower) Bar

Old Spice is no longer your grandfather’s brand since entering the social media stage wearing only a towel on July 13th. Old Spice’ 180+ video campaign is destined to become 2010’s social media case study.  Here are 4 ways that Old Spice turned social media on its head. Please read on …

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