Marketing Offer: How To Actually Price Products And Services To Get Better Results

Marketing Offer: how to actually price products & services to get better results

Use the full marketing offer to price products & services to improve results. Includes offer checklist and tips to increase reach and sales.

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Call-To-Action Checklist: 13 Tips To Optimize Your Results


Do you use a contextually relevant, optimized call-to-action to track your marketing.  Use this 13 tip checklist to optimize your results.


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Direct Marketing ABCs – Digital, Social Media & Mobile Included

Direct marketing solicits an immediate action such as an order, application or registration. It’s evolved since its early catalog beginnings (Does anyone remember the massive Sears Roebuck catalog?) and now encompasses digital, social media and mobile. To help you better understand direct marketing as it’s currently practiced, here are the ABCs of direct marketing.


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Spice Up Your Marketing: 12 Food-for-Thought Tips

If you’re like a lot of New Yorkers, you’re predictable when it comes to lunch. Day in and day out, you go the same restaurant or take out place and order “the usual”. Is the same true of your marketing? While this makes planning easy and low cost, do your prospects and customers find it predictable or, even worse, boring? Does advertising blindness cause them to miss your marketing because it blends in with the other messages bombarding them? If so, you’ve got a problem since you’re not maximizing results for your marketing investment. Here are twelve food-for-thought changes to spice up your marketing.

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What’s Your Firm’s Value Meal?

in today’s price-conscious marketplace,your firm just might need to develop a really attractive reduced price offer (aka its “value meal”). Here are 7 value offers and 7 economic factors to consider.

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