Are You Missing An Important Networking Opportunity?

Are you overlooking an important networking opportunity in your circle of friends? When an executive decides to start networking the first thing, he does is make a list of current and former managers, co-workers and other business contacts. While this list generally contains family members (because they have to help him), it often overlooks one significant group, his closest friends. It means he’s missing out on the power of loose connections.

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of Summer Networking

Like the fabled grasshopper, many job seekers, including college students and interns, think that the summer is a good time to take off from their search. Yet in reality the opposite is true. Here’s how to take advantage of summer opportunities.

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Social Media Goes Offline

Go Offline

Say social media and the first thing most people think is digital social media networks. But the truth is that the best way to reinforce networking contacts is to take them offline. For many small and media size businesses (aka SMBs), offline social media events are an ideal way to get better known. Here are five suggestions to help you plan your events.

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Career Advice: How to Keep Your Network Alive When You Have No Bandwidth

Too busy to network. Think again. Here are five steps to help you find time in your already overbooked schedule to build your professional network.

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The One Thing You Need to Build Your Network

While a strong network doesn’t ensure you won’t loose your job or you’ll get a new one by snapping your fingers, it does translate to having people who are willing to help you. This article gives you the one secret to building your network whether you’re in job search mode or not. There are also 5 tips to support your network painlessly.

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