Why Wait Until Black Friday To Make Your Best Offer?

Black Friday is here and customers, eager to get the best deals,  have been camped out in front of stores all night. As a marketer, I wonder how many of these customers will buy anything that’s not on sale and what proportion of their purchases are just time shifted to take advantage of the reduced prices, after all it’s the holiday season. From a marketing perspective, have we just trained customers to expect holiday sales? Here are seven promotions to entice your customers.  Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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25 Mobile Research Charts to Guide Your 2012 Marketing

Mobile phones and particularly the increasing adoption of smartphones, continue to change how people receive information, consume content and engage with others.

To take advantage of the opportunities presented by these mobile devices and their expanded functionality and create an effective mobile marketing strategy, marketers must understand how consumers use them and what the implications are for content marketing, promotions, communications and purchase channels. Here are twenty-five charts to help you to better understand how the mobile landscape has evolved.

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21 Point Social Media And Mobile Checklist [Research]

Social media and mobile savvy, small to medium sized businesses (aka SMBs) provide useful insights for all marketers because they’ve more limited resources than their larger competitors. As a result, they develop cost-effective marketing that translates to measurable revenue generation. Here’s a twenty-one point small and medium size business social media and mobile marketing checklist. Any marketer can (and should) use it to maximize business results.

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Social Commerce: 10 Options & How to Make Them Work For You [Chart]

Social commerce provides a social context for customers’ shopping experience that extends across the entire marketing process from product development through to post-purchase fans and brand advocacy. Social commerce continues to evolve and incorporates elements of social media content and engagement with the immediacy of mobile devices, mainly smartphones. As a result, your consumers are consulting a wider group of influencers and checking your retail and online competitors while they’re shopping in your store. (Chart outlining social commerce formats.)

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What is Social Media?

What is social media? Ask any group of social media savvy individuals and it’s likely that they’ll all give you a different answer. Here’s 12 points that define social media based on 30 Social Media Definitions.

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Digital Media: Four Screens No Waiting [Chart]

The digital media landscape is in flux despite the fact that Americans spend over ten hours a day consuming content. A year after Apple introduced the iPad, Americans consume content on four major categories of devices: televisions, computers (including desktops, laptops and netbooks), tablets and smartphones. At the same time, content consumption continues to change and adapt with the evolution of devices and user functionality. Here are 4 different content consumption habits and a chart to show how to use them on 4 different devices.

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Mobile Marketing: 56 MUST Have Facts [Data Included]

Mobile marketing is on three out four marketer’s plans for 2011 according to Forrester Research. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, mobile marketing involves a layer of complexity due to the difference in platforms and devices. To help you understand this evolving marketplace, here are 56 mobile marketing facts including 23 charts. Each point is based on market research and can guide your marketing plans.

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2010’s Top 10 Online Marketing Highlights [Data Included]

2010 was an important turning point for online marketing, particularly in terms of portable devices, new technologies and expanded communications channels. These highlights had a significant impact on marketing during the past year and will create a dynamic landscape for 2011 and beyond.

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