Mobile shopping

Did You Miss These 34 Million Mobile Buyers? [Research]

Do you have a mobile marketing strategy prospects can use to shop when and where they want? If not, your marketing may be out-of-sight, out-of-mind because mobile’s the device people have within arm’s reach all the time. Like it or not, mobile phones are an integral part of the purchase process.  Here are seven facts proving that as a marketer, you need to provide a mobile offering that supplies useful content and communications channels 24/7. [Research with charts]

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Mobile Goes Shopping and Brings Competitors Into Your Store

While Starbucks’ recent news about taking mobile payments has grabbed the mobile marketing headlines, the issue for retailers and etailers, large and small, is less about micropayments and more about mobile information, customer service and competitive offers. Here are five types of mobile shopping tactics you must consider.

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