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2016 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Marketer Needs

Want to know the 2016 mobile marketing trends every marketer needs? This article has the research, charts and tips you need to succeed.

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5 Things that Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Know About Commerce [Social Media & Mobile Included]

What do you think of when someone says shopping? An afternoon at the mall or the local department store? This may have been true a few years ago but toady you need go no further than the closest connected device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone to shop. This change in buying behavior requires changes in your marketing plans.

While your boss may not want to adapt your organization’s merchandising, to remain relevant and part of the consideration set, it’s critical. Here are five new commerce trends that your boss doesn’t want to know about and strategies to win him over.

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Mobile Commerce – What You Need to Know [Research]

Look I'm shopping on mom's smartphone

Mobile commerce is happening now! It’s everywhere fueled by expanded smartphone ownership. If you want to reach your prospects, it’s critical to be where they are! Smartphones in hand, consumers aren’t waiting for your company to decide to build a mobile website or app. Here are five mobile commerce insights based on consumer use of mobile devices for shopping to help shape your organization’s mobile strategy. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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4Ps Drive Mobile Commerce (& The Marketing You Need!) [Research]

US mobile commerce sales including travel grew to $6.7 billion in 2011, an increase of over 90% from 2010, despite retailers’ slow response to offer mobile shopping options. eMarketer projects US m-commerce sales to grow at a 55% compound annual rate from 2010 to 2015. This expansion is driven by a combination of increased smartphone ownership, enhanced use of smartphone functionality and improved m-commerce options. Here are the 4 Ps of m-commerce in order of importance and what marketers must do to supply this information. [Data included]

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Mobile Marketing Research You Need Now! [Charts]

Mobile is a fact of life. Our mobile phones are where we connect, communicate and consume content. Mobile marketing in the US continues to grow at accelerated rates, fueled by increased smartphone ownership. In addition to expanded communications and content consumption, consumer use smartphones to research and buy products and other services, often while in retail establishments, causing marketers to focus and allocate budget to this growing channel. Here are thirty-eight charts and analysis to help you develop your 2012 marketing plans.

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Mobile Goes Shopping and Brings Competitors Into Your Store

While Starbucks’ recent news about taking mobile payments has grabbed the mobile marketing headlines, the issue for retailers and etailers, large and small, is less about micropayments and more about mobile information, customer service and competitive offers. Here are five types of mobile shopping tactics you must consider.

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Mobile Marketing: 56 MUST Have Facts [Data Included]

Mobile marketing is on three out four marketer’s plans for 2011 according to Forrester Research. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, mobile marketing involves a layer of complexity due to the difference in platforms and devices. To help you understand this evolving marketplace, here are 56 mobile marketing facts including 23 charts. Each point is based on market research and can guide your marketing plans.

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