5 Tactics for Improved Tradeshow Marketing

From a marketing perspective, taking a trade show booth is an important investment. Here are 3 questions to help you determine whether you should take a booth at a conference and 5 tactics to make the most of your investment. Please read on…

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6 Advertising Week Insights for Marketers

Advertising Week 2010 in New York offered a broad array of marketing advice from leaders in the marketing and media fields. Here are 6 insights to help you develop your 2011 marketing plan. Please read on …

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Electronic Sandwich Boards

Advertising’s Early Location Based Marketing During this Advertising Week New York, a couple of the more talk-worthy promotions were technology-enabled sandwich board advertisements. The old-fashioned advertising clad sandwich board brings to mind a man standing on a street corner near a merchant’s establishment handing out flyers. Without any modern technology, you pay attention to them because they cross your line of sight and hand you a flyer.

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